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Established in 1962, the Fardelli Ernesto Group is a key player on the wholesale and retail market for plumbing and heating products, heating systems, bathroom accessories, ceramics and parquet throughout northern Italy.

Thanks to 15000 m2 of business premises, three directly managed sites, a logistics warehouse and partnerships with numerous other companies in the industry, we – at Fardelli Group – are capable of promptly satisfying any type of request from professional customers and end users alike, right from the initial quote to the supply and delivery of the goods on site.

Technology, efficiency and quality at your service

We have 500 regular suppliers, 80,000 items in our catalogue and 20,000 items available in stock in the three warehouses. Advanced computerized management of product stocks and logistics allows us to offer our customers prompt service without having to stop work on their site.

Our stockists supply a wide range of high-quality products for every type of plumbing, heating, air conditioning and central suction systems, both for residential and tertiary or industrial use.

Worth noting are the ample spaces dedicated to our stock of spare parts of every brand dealt with over our 60 years in business, which guarantee the maintenance and storage of products over time.

In 2000, we were awarded the European ISO 9001 certification: an important business quality management certification, which testifies, once again, our seriousness and professionalism at Fardelli Ernesto group.

50 years of Global Radiatori,
our family pride

In 1971, the Fardelli group embarked on an industrial adventure that led it to the top of the national and international market in the die-cast aluminium radiators industry.

Global radiators are made in compliance with quality standards that guarantee their reliability and a very long service life.

Thanks to advanced technology and a state-of-the-art production chain, GLOBAL produces the highest quality aluminium radiators: strong, lightweight and elegant.

These characteristics have fostered its continuous expansion worldwide, entering into homes not only as functional components but also as furnishing and design pieces.

In 1994, the GLOBAL Quality System was certified by ICIM S.p.A. in accordance with ISO 9001. In 2001, the Environmental Management System was also certified by ICIM according to ISO 14001. These certifications are certified by IQNet, the European organization which supervises National Certification Bodies.

The emotional video realized by Director Kobayashi:

Video “50 years of Global”



In our exhibitions everybody can admire the last trends of the best brands of furniture, bathroom fixtures, pottery and parquet.


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