Heating and plumbing systems


The temperature of a room is a fundamental element to guarantee the right level of wellness to all those who live and work there. We put our skills at your service, to help you choosing the best solution for your location and your needs.

Traditional heating systems, hybrid and in heat pump, pellet and wood-burning stoves and closed fireplaces, alternative energy systems, water supply and exhaust systems for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors are just some of the services we offer, to guarantee you the maximum efficiency also with respect to the heating.

Heating, air conditioning and air treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial sectors

Traditional boilers and central heating units, with heat pumps, hybrid

Water heaters

Pellet and wood burners and stoves

Radiators, ventilated underfloor heaters

Mono and multi-split inverter air conditioning units and commercial and industrial air-con systems

Controlled mechanical ventilation

Stainless steel flue fittings and fittings for condensing boilers

Alternative energy plants

Solar thermal

Geothermal probe or serpentine plants

Biomass boilers and thermal power plants

Water supply, waste and water treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial sectors

Steel supply system

Filters, limescale systems, water softeners

Plant engineering for aqueducts, district heating and industrial applications

Fire extinguishing systems

Multilayer water supply system


Soundproofed PE HDPE PP drainage systems

Impiantistica residenziale e industriale

Steel pipes and conduits

Valves and fittings

Polyethylene pipes and conduits

Pumping systems


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