Our realizations

Opposites attract

Black and white: a charming atmosphere

Black is a very hard style choice and thanks to his elegant and contemporary character it is perfect for the bathroom. NeroSicilia’s walls and floors become matter of expression, to create high-visual-impact surfaces. Boffi’s tap helps to make the bathroom even more modern: the satin effect recalls the industrial water pipes, adapted to a domestic context, as well as the shower head, characterized by an unusual design.

Grey at the center of everything

The right style for dark shades lovers

Grey goes well with all furniture styles and this is the proof. The neutral shade is very versatile, visible on the walls, on the floors and in Italgraniti’s coordinated sink.
Duka’s shower stall gives intimacy to the room, ensuring tranquility even in a small space.
Duravit’s bathroom fixtures diverge from the main colors and are characterized by a shining white, synonym of pureness and elegance.

The elegance of white

A breath of pureness and refinement

A place where, without any doubt, a certain class emerges. Italgraniti’s walls and floors give to this bathroom a relaxing atmosphere which will be able to charm the guests who come to visit you. Global Sebino’s radiator perfectly adapts to the context: with his reduced thickness it is capable of offering a better comfort and a remarkable energy saving. Calibe’s shower stall immediately captures the attention due to his considerable spaciousness, perfect for some relax at the end of the day.

The power of heating

Optimal security at the center of the strip

The new emergency helipad designed for Elimast disposes of a floor system that heats the strip, preventing the formation of snow and ice and guaranteeing 100% security. No more risks and landings in complete serenity, whatever the weather!

A tribute to luxury

Clean lines and sober elegance for the bathroom of your dreams

A warm and welcoming style, where the elegance of Boffi’s products prevails.
A spacious bathroom cabinet, Fisher Island luxury tub, sink, taps and coordinated fixtures.
Italgraniti’s walls and floors are characterized by their unicity, able to anticipate technical and aesthetic needs.
Brem’s radiator, heating element with sculptural forms, has been chosen to define a high-impact atmosphere.